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Not your trad dad’s average climbing apparel. This is Crag Swag

For the gym climbers. For the weekend warriors. For the stoke chasers. 

Custom-designed and printed climbing apparel for the everyday gym climber and crag creature. 

Bold. Inclusive. Edgy. 

Inclusive Climbing Apparel for Gym Dwellers and Crag Creatures

Climbing is for every BODY and we got you! We're not limited by your unique body type, gender, orientation, or anything else that makes you, YOU. 
So flash a little bit of your style. . . Be bold, Climb as you are! We’re here for it. 


Climbers come in all shapes and sizes. We’re rebelling from the whole “climber physique” belief. Whatever shape, size, or color body you’re in is a climber’s body. 

We’re an inclusive clothing brand, by gym climbers, weekend warriors and dirtbags for gym climbers, weekend warriors and dirtbags
We know it’s not always easy to get outside and climb, no matter how much you want to! The gym is an easy and accessible way to get your fix in.
We created a line of bright and bold size-inclusive climbing apparel. It’s gritty enough to stand up to gym wear and tear, without the extra tech specs (and price tag) required in apparel built for mountaineering and the hard wear of climbing outdoors. 

Crimp Creature is for the gym climber, local cragger, weekend warrior and dirtbag who wants to throw on some gear that reflects your stoke and style. No silhouettes of mountains on grey T’s with $50 logos stamped on them here.  

We’re bringing counter-culture back into the climbing scene.

 Born in Houston, Texas. Serving every climber with XS-4XL+ sizing.

 (If you don’t see your size available, hit the contact button at the top of the page and SEND IT. We’ll help out. We’re here to outfit ALL our fellow creatures.)

Get Gritty. 

Climbing apparel designed with optimizing range of motion in mind and built to endure the wear and tear of gym climbing and weekend warrior outings.

Stand Out.

From the crowd at the gym and from the wall when you’re taking those sweet sendy pics for the gram. Nothing about climbing is boring—your clothes shouldn’t be either.  

Share the Stoke.

Inclusivity, community, and fun is the name of the game. Wear it and share it with your local climbing community. 

The first rule of Crimp Creature: Have Fun 

”The best climber in the canyon is the one having the most fun..” - Some Dirtbag

We’re here for a good time. We’re here for the love of climbing, community, and self-expression. 

Our goal is for you to look good and feel good about yourself while you’re doing that thing we all love so much. 

Our size-inclusive clothing is designed to send in style. 

You don’t have to show up to the climbing gym feeling like you’re in your pajamas or sweats every day. And, believe it or not, you can go climbing and wear clothing that reflects your unique style! 

Black Diamond, REI, La Sportiva. . . We love the big names in climbing—but we've always had issues finding clothing in larger sizes, and the designs are all pretty much the same. So Crimp Creature was born. The anti-REI, if you will—the angsty Black Diamond. The same love, adoration, and care for the big outdoors but with the flair of the inner city. The new age of climbing.

We endeavored to create quality and affordable clothing you can climb in, train hard or just vibe out being yourself. . . With a bit of edge. Flash your unique style, be bold, and stand out. 


We work with artists all over the world to design climbing apparel that you can get excited about wearing on the wall. Crimp Creature is also an advocate for Access Fund and is an active community member working alongside Texas Climbing Coalition to aid in preservation. As our platform grows so will our love, hard work, and advocacy within the climbing community. You help us help our communities.

Join the Creature Community

Like what you see? Don’t worry, there’s always more in the works. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to the mailing list to keep up with new designs, launches, promotions, events, and sales. 


Tag us on Instagram @crimpcreature in pictures of you getting after it in your Crimp Creature gear for a chance to be featured on our page.

    Proud TCC SupportersCrimp Creature Texas Climbers Coalition       


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